VAPA: Curriculum Vitae



In the Name of the People, Academy-Award nominated, feature-length documentary, Pan-American Films, 1985.

Dos, Omeyotl-Duality, Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival, Laser-Media Productions, 1984.

Jim Morrison Award, Master’s Thesis film soundtrack, UCLA, 1973.

Industrial Video, Mexico, Majico & RV’s, San Diego, CA 1995.



OTI Song Festivals, Pianist, Writer, Arranger, LA/San Diego, CA 1979, 1993 – 94.

1492- Revisited, Composer/Music Producer, PBS with Paul Espinosa, San Diego, 1992.

Mundo Latino, Keyboardist, Channel 34, LA, CA 1982.

Happening ’68, Keyboardist, LA, CA 1968.

American Bandstand, Keyboardist, LA, CA 1968.

Hermanos Gallardos, Accordionist, Tijuana, MX 1963.



Once On This Island, Christian Youth Theater, Synthesist, 2008.

Sweet 15/Quinceanera, San Diego Repertory Theater Mainstage Production, Music Producer and Arranger, 2007.

Menopause the Musical, Tocla Productions, Musical Director, Musician (Synthesist and Multi-Keyboardist), 2007.

Don Quixote, The Flying Karamozov Brothers, Musician/Actor/Accordionist/Synthesist, San Diego Repertory Theater, 2007.

Songs for a New World, Music Director/Musician (pianist), University of San Diego, Theater Arts Department, 2006.

Limonade Tous les Jours, Music Producer, Moxie Theater Productions by Charles L. Mee with Glover & Jacobs at the Diversionary Theater, San Diego, CA 2006.

’da Kink in my Hair, Musician, San Diego Repertory Theater, Marion Caffey Productions (NYC), San Diego, CA 2005.

So, Here’s the Thing…, Music Director/Musician (Pianist)/Arranger, San Diego Repertory Theater, P33 Productions, San Diego, CA 2005.

Corridos-Remix, Music Director-Producer, Musician (multi-keyboardist/ accordionist)/Arranger, San Diego Repertory Theater, El Teatro Campesino w/Luis Valdez & Kinan Valdez, San Diego, CA 2004 – 2005.

Three Mo’ Divas, Keyboardist (Synthesizers), San Diego Repertory Theater, Marion Caffey Productions (NYC), San Diego, CA 2004.

Angie’s Angels, Music Director-Producer/Arranger/Musician (Pianist/Synthesist), San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 2001.

London Is Calling My Name (The British Invasion), Music Director/ Producer/Arranger, San Diego, CA 2001.

Marriage Is Forever, Composer/Lyricist/Music Director-Producer, San Diego Repertory Theater, 2000.

Christmas Cantata, Composer/Lyricist/Pianist, Horizon Ministries, Symphony Towers with San Diego Chamber Orchestra, San Diego, CA 1999.

A Christmas Carole, Accordionist/Multi-Keyboards/Synthesizers, Performer, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1994 – 96.

6 Women With Brain Death or Expiring Minds Want To Know, Pianist, Repertory Theater, San Diego, CA 1996.

Suds: The Rockin’ ’60’s Musical Soap Opera, Multi-Keyboards/ Saxophone/Synthesizers, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1995 – 1996.

Dracul, Multi-Keyboards/Synthesizers, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1995.

She Loves Me, Accordionist, Lambs Players Theater, San Diego, CA 1995.

Dixie Highway, Multi-Keyboards/Synthesizers/Bass, Holladay Production at the Hahn Cosmopolitan Theater, San Diego, CA 1994.

The Pastorela, Musical Director/Accordionist, San Diego Old Globe Theater, CA 1991.

The Man of the Flesh, Composer/Music Director-Producer/Musician, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1991.

The Crucifixion, Music Director- Composer/Orchestrater/Producer/ Arranger/Musician, Spectra International/Eagle Productions, San Diego, CA 1990.

Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Multi-Keyboardist/Synthesizers, Music Director, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1989.

Thin Air- Tales of a Revolution, Composer/Music Director-Producer, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1989.

Orinoco, Composer/Music Director-Producer/Musician, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1989.

Burning Patience, Pianist/Musical Director, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 1988.

The Fanlights/Los Soles Truncos, Composer/Music Director-Producer, San Diego Old Globe Theater, CA 1984.

The Legend of Pancho Diablo, Composer/Music Director-Producer, UCLA, 1984.

Teatro Primavera, Resident Composer/Musician, Los Angeles, CA 1972 – 1975.



Luna Flamenca, Lakshmi Basile, Music Composer/Pianist, Lyceum Theater, San Diego Repertory Theater, CA 2008.

Antonio Vargas Dance Theater’s “Mosaico Flamenco”, Music Producer/ Multi-Keyboardist, San Diego- School of Creative and Performing Arts, 2000.

Spiral, Composer/Music Director-Producer, Documentary Video, Modern Dance and Flamenco, UCLA, 1984.

Time Is Of Essence, Composer/Music Director-Producer, Jazz Dance, Los Angeles, CA 1983.

The Man and the Mask, Flamenco Dancer, San Diego Ballet Company, Civic Theater, San Diego, CA 1968.



Theater Music Concert, California Performance Arts Center, “Lanuza & Friends”, featuring my own compositions, Escondido, CA 2006.

Dizzy’s Jazz Night Club, “Lanuza & Friends”, featuring my own compositions, Gaslamp District, San Diego, CA 2005.

1st Night/New Year’s Eve Concerts, “Lanuza & Friends”, featuring my own compositions, Escondido, CA 2004.


Projects and CD’s: (all original music)

The Fanlights, a classical one-act ballet for three female dancers based on the storybook by Rene Marques featuring my own compositions and performed by a string quartet, San Diego, CA 2008.

¡Arranca!, a commercial Latin-pop CD featuring a collection of 12 new songs sung by my daughter Celeste. (¡Arranca! 2 is in process.)

Ace of Gold, commercial Latin-rock musical based on the latter years of the legendary Mexican hero Emiliano Zapata featuring my own compositions and lyrics, San Diego, CA 2008.

Conversations With My Father, acoustic Latin-jazz featuring my own compositions and lyrics based on improvisation, Escondido, CA 2006. (Conversations 2 is in process.)

The Desert Rose, a book musical love story about destiny and the power of rising above your social status featuring my own compositions and lyrics, Los Angeles, CA 2004.

The Crucifixion, a Christian musical based on the last days of Jesus on Earth featuring my own compositions and lyrics, Canada, 1997 – 1998.

New Old School, Part 2 of Conversations With My Father’s acoustic Latin-jazz featuring my own compositions and lyrics based on improvisation, San Diego, CA (TBD).

Jammin’, a collection of modern but soft hip-hop/rap style instrumental music in the style of 98.1 cool jazz.

Tex-Mex All-Stars, a combination of Texan and Mexican music with songs inspired by country-western style blues and accordion.

The Exit, a book musical based in a nightclub where love tangles couples’ quest towards the finals in a dance competition, featuring my own compositions and lyrics, San Diego, CA (TBD).

Jesus’ Last 7 Sayings, one opera a night to be performed during Passover week, a nightly cantata featuring my own compositions and lyrics, San Diego, CA (TBD).

Mongolian Horse, a DVD/CD movie about life in a day of a struggling Latin-rock indigenous Los Angeles band featuring my original compositions and lyrics (TBD).

The Game, a DVD/CD movie about a diva’s rising-star-ballerina daughter involved in a life-threatening accident. Knowing that at the end of her mother’s story her life will end, the daughter persists for her mother to continue sharing with her those grand moments in ballet she will never be able to experience. As the audience enjoys the ballets she is unaware that a group of inner-terrestial beings are playing an underground game, (a ball thrown by teams at cubicles on a far wall in a cave), which will determine her fate. Featuring my compositions. (TBD)

Fish Stories, a series of elementary books for a reading enrichment curriculum, read-aloud DVD/CD featuring my songs (complete with dancing and acting) on encouraging topics such as: The Fish Who Was Afraid of Water, The Clam Who Wouldn’t Clam-Up, The Whale Who Wailed, The Starfish Who Wanted To Be A Star… (TBD)

C/S-13, a documentary video on Chicano taggers/muralists and the urban musical culture surrounding it, featuring my compositions on the soundtrack Con Safas. (TBD)

La Cucaracha, a comedy two-person play with music about a Los Angeles alley conversational encounter between two drunks, a life-sized cockroach and a Latino, sharing a bottle of tequila as they metaphorically discuss society’s social issues and concerns from their viewpoints- neither of them bothering to see who they are talking to. (TBD)

In the Name of Art, an autobiographical story depicting the Tijuana-San Diego international border’s arts and culture as witnessed by the author between the years 1952 – 1972, featuring my compositions (TBD).


Dance Productions, Choreographies, and Performances:

                                       Los Angeles Olympics Arts Festival

                                       Lanuza Brothers Mexican Folkloric Ballet Company

                                       Lanuza Brothers International Dance Troupe

                                       Man and the Mask, San Diego, Civic Youth Ballet Ensemble

                                       San Diego Unified School District

                                       Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District

                                       San Monica Community College District

                                       UCLA, College of Fine Arts Touring Company

                                       UCLA, International Student Center

                                       Los Angeles Unified School District

                                       Tulare County Office of Education, Region VIII

                                       San Diego County Office of Education, Migrant Education Program

                                       Chula Vista Elementary School District

                                       Fiestas Patrias, Balboa Park Bowl Celebrations

                                       San Diego’s Bicentennial Anniversary City-Wide Celebrations


Music Productions, Compositions, and Performances:

United Methodist Church at San Carlos, Artist-In-Residence, San Diego, CA 1995.

Mejico, Majico: Past-Present-Future, UCLA’s Schoenberg Hall, San Diego’s Centro Cultural, La Jolla High School, 1983.

UCLA’s Ethno-Musicology Evening & Noon Concerts at Schoenberg Hall, 1981 – 1984.

UCLA’s College of Fine Arts Performing Arts Outreach & Multicultural Arts Project tours, Los Angeles, CA 1983 – 1984.

UCLA’s Resident Latin-jazz band, UCLATINO, 1983 – 1984.

UCLA’s First Annual Mexican Arts Symposium, 1983.

Good Shepherd Family Bible Church, Gospel Choir & Music Ministry Co-Director, Music Producer for cantatas/weekly services, Los Angeles, CA 1982 – 1988.


Musician with the Following:

Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria, Victor Pantojas, Jack Costanzo, Buddy Miles, Little Richard, Poncho Sanches, Johnny Nelson, Johnny Martinez and His Salsa Machine, Ned Nelson, Chalo Campos, Changing Times, Bobby Guajardo and the Coronados, Mosaico Super Latin Band, Savor, Knights of Soul, The Emergency Exit, Los Principes, The Travelers, Cristina & Her Latin-Blues Band, Lynette & the Corvettes, Benny Hollman & His Big Band, Michie Sahara, The Variations, Los Mejanos, El Chicano, The Latin-Jazz/All-Stars, The Mex-Tex All Stars, and my own band- The Lanuza Brothers and Friends.



Racial Isolation, Educational Equity, and the Right to Equal Access: The Carlin Case and School Integration, VDM Publishing House, 2008 (ISBN: 978-3-639-07329-4).

The Politics of Magnet Schools: A Case Study of an Urban School District, Bicultural Studies in Education: Transgressive Discourse of Resistance and Possibility, the 2nd monograph of the Bicultural Studies in Education Project at the Claremont Graduate University, edited by Dr. Antonia Darder.

Barrio Rhythms: Mexican-American Music in Los Angeles, some of my professional music contributions are discussed and documented by Dr. Steven Loza, University of Illinois Press, 1993.

The Desert Rose, a completed opera/musical in two acts from the work-in-progress trilogy “Mascaras Mexicanas” past-present-future about migrant families and their loves, trials, and triumphs.

Ace of Gold, an opera/musical in two acts on a legendary Mexican hero Emiliano Zapata, originally commissioned by the San Diego Old Globe Theater but never produced on stage. Music uses folk idioms, a string quartet, and futuristic-synthesizers utilizing a Mexican composer’s revolutionary compositional concept named “el sonido trece” by Julian Carrillo.


Personal Inventory of Technology in Audio/Visual Equipment and Software:


Digital Performer/Mark of the Unicorn (DP6/MOTU828mk3/XT/24i), ProTools LEII, ADAT, DAT/CD burners, FreeMIDI, AudioDesk, Finale, GarageBand, Microsoft Office-Excel/Power Point/Outlook/Word/Express/Publisher, Inter-net Explorer, Apple MacBook Pro w/Leopard & Open Source Software, Mac G4 Dual Tower, i-Mac, IBM ThinkPad Laptop.



            Kawaii 6’9” Ebony GS-60 Concert Grand Piano, 2-Kawaii Brown Studio Upright Pianos, Korg OASYS 88 and Korg EXTREME 88 sampler/sequencer/synthesizer workstations, Hammond XK2 portable and Hammond B-3 w/Leslie 122 speakers, Korg Karma and Korg 01Wfd sample playback workstations, Roland XP-30 synthesizer, E-mu Carnaval rack system, Roland Fr-3s V series electronic/MIDI accordion, H. Couf Eb Alto Saxophone, Gemeinhardt concert and ethnic flutes, 2- AT4033 Transformerless Capacitor Studio and Shure SM57 & 58 Microphones, Boss Dr. Rhythm Dr-770 and Alesis SR-16 drum machines, Alesis Sumo 300 KB system, 2- Peavey KB300 w/Black Widow speaker systems, Mackie SR active speaker systems (4-450’s and 2 sub-woofers), 4- Tannoy PB 6.5 studio passive monitors and 2- 620 active M-1 Alesis speaker monitors, 2- Alesis ADAT systems (16 tracks), Panasonic DAT System, Samson Studio Amplifier, Panasonic Digital Camcorder (0-lux) and digital cameras, cable internet/CDR, DAW’s, effects processors, Behringer mixing boards and other rack-mounted systems, and peripheral audio-visual equipment and cables.