Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. Education, San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate University, 2004 (Policy Studies and Multicultural Studies respectively)

M.S. Administration and Management of Public School Systems, Pepperdine University, 1988 (and the Preliminary Administrative Credential)

B.A. Music, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), 1984 (Education and Composition)



Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential,  CSULA, 060258653 (expires: 050112)


Professional Clear Single Subject Teaching Credential(Music) CSULA, 060258652 (expires: 050112)


Professional Clear Administrative Credential, SDSU, 060258818 (expires: 050112)


Bilingual Certificate of Competency (Spanish) USC, 1987 (life)



Engage educational environments while meeting the needs of all students inclusive of the ethnically and linguistically diverse learning communities, teach and promote bi-literacy strategies through methodologies integrating the arts and technology with the academics and athletics, while providing leadership in program planning and policy, institutional research and development, and educational curriculum and instruction.


Chronology of Education-Related Work Experience

Job Title

Work Location

Supervisor/Client: Name/Title


San Diego

Director of Curri-culum/Instruction

Memorial Academy of Learning & Tech Charter Middle School (6 – 9)

Marco A. Curiel (Principal – Lead Educator)


Director of Education

Horizon Christian Schools (Private School District) Pre-K – 12

Dr. Mike MacIntosh, Karen Woods,

Bernadette Pablo (pastor/finance/hr)


Vice Principal

Perkins Elementary

(pre-K – 6)

Charlene Sapien (Principal)

Diane Villegas (Principal)


Summer School Principal

Horace Mann Middle School & Marshall Elementary

Dr. Kimiko Fukuda (Principal)


Vice Principal

Horace Mann Middle School (6 – 8)

Julie Elliot (Principal)


Vice Principal

San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (4 – 12)

Bob Saunders (Principal)

Florence Johnson (Principal)


Race/Human Re-lations Facilitator

San Diego Unified School District

Dr. Francine Williams (Director)



Sherman Elementary

Cecilia Estrada (Principal)


Los Angeles


1st Street Elementary School

Betty Morin (Principal)



49th Street Elementary School

Dr. Katie Gaspard (Principal)

Dr. Linda Mora (Principal)



Adjunct Professor

Inter-American College (IAC), National City, CA

Dr. Maria Marin (VP- Arts and Academics) & Lorenzo Marin (Pres.)


Adjunct Professor

San Diego State University (SDSU), San Diego, CA

Dr. Alberto Ochoa (Policy Studies Chair & Professor)


Adjunct Professor

National University, (NU) San Diego, CA

Dr. Maria Marin (Director)


Speaker – Presenter

Computer Using Educator Conference (CUE)

Annual National Educational Conference


Co-Director – Lead Teacher

Migrant Education, San Diego County Office of Education

Livia Faure (Director)

(summers only)


Co-Director – Lead Teacher

Migrant Education, UCLA & USD, Tulare County

Leonard Cruz (Director), Office of Education, Region 8


Educational Consultant

Museum of Contemporary Art

San Diego County Office of Education



Bilingual Educational Certification Alternatives

San Diego Unified School District



Chula Vista Classified Staff

Chula Vista Elementary School Dist.


Co-Director – Lead Teacher, Prgm. Dvlpr.

Multicultural Arts Program & Music, Movement & Media Arts Project (MAP- Ed Prgm)

Dr. Juan Francisco Lara (Dean UCLA) Office of Inter-Institutional Affairs


Dance Instructor

Santa Monica Community College

Dance Department




Dr. Rick Morales (President)



State/Natl/Intl. Levels

Sam Woodhouse (S.D.Rep)



  1. Instructional Leadership





Director of Curriculum and Instruction – Memorial Academy. Ensured that the curriculum, instruction and school environment reflected research based best practices and addressed identified patterns and trends from data gathered at the school and classroom level that contributed to the meeting of student performance goals. Redefined the culture and expectations of the school by creating replicable models of education that demonstrate how all students, regardless of their income level or ethnicity can learn. Oversaw curriculum mapping processes to ensure a consistently applied academic program that prepared students in all state standard and framework areas and made recommendations for changes in the academic program based on needs identified through this process. Monitored aspects of school environment (classroom libraries, physical setup and appearance of school and classroom) and provided suggestions to ensure that the environment contributed to student academic growth. Monitored instructional practices and implementation of curriculum in coordination with master teachers and school administrators to identify areas of campus level needs and to connect administrators to resources to meet instructional goals.


Director of Education – Horizon Christian Schools. Designed a 3-CEU course to provide the junior and senior high school teachers with a conceptual and working knowledge of block schedules, modified schedules and systems on how to create lesson plans utilizing diverse methodologies with a focus on secondary program teaching strategies. Delivered in-services on the literacy frameworks: read-aloud, guided and shared reading, independent reading and conferencing, and the readers’ workshop and the reading process- including shifting paradigms and thinking out of the box, learning styles and teaching strategies, and classroom management/discipline. I created workshops and information sessions with staff regarding inter-district articulation, educational policies, instructional techniques, the California state standards and frameworks; directed all district administrators in educationally-sound teaching practices and pedagogy including teaching and learning training programs, and self-study review teams and; monitored/coached a minimum of 2 hours per day the teaching staff during daily classroom observations/management-by-walking-around. Modeled/taught/lectured-demonstrated courses in VAPA and academic areas including dance, music, English, history, art and the Bible.


Adjunct Professor – Inter American College. Art 106, Music 106, Dance 106, and VAPA 160 (a synopsis including a section on how to pass the 3rd component of the C-SET). Designed and implemented VAPA courses to provide the participants with a conceptual and working knowledge of VAPA in education with a focus on K-12 teaching strategies. Specifically, the course was designed to (1) present a comprehensive VAPA program for all students, (2) deliver a comprehensive VAPA education program, (3) gain awareness on how to build upon and integrate the 3 levels of school in a comprehensive VAPA program; (4) examine and analyze the 3 levels of schooling in a comprehensive VAPA program, (5) understand assessments in a comprehensive VAPA program, (6) locate community resources in VAPA education, (7) have a working knowledge of the VAPA in technology, (8) gain expository awareness of careers in VAPA, (9) have a basic understanding of the language of music, dance, art, and theater, and (10) compare and contrast religion, culture, and policy within the 4 VAPA categories.


Vice Principal – Perkins Elementary School. Directed the Extended Day Reading Program and the before and after school Homework Haven, participated in the English Language Advisory Committee, oversaw the Gifted and Talented Education Program, administered the Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test, the Analytical Reading Inventory, Attendance Committee, the Choice Program, the Magnet and VEEP programs, the School Partnership Programs, Good Citizenship Incentives, and supervisory staff. Modeled lessons, covered classrooms, gave in-services, assisted in educational workshops, attended certificated and classified meetings, and organized all evening and weekend school related activities. Evaluated classroom teaching effectiveness and supported learning in the classroom by providing feedback, suggestions, coaching, demonstration lessons, coverage, assessments, and conferences in the areas of literacy and mathematics. Provided much support to community parents on English instruction, technology awareness and specific software programs inclusive of the internet and e-mail, and school awareness of specific teaching and learning educational programs.


Adjunct Professor – San Diego State University. Policy Studies 515: Bilingual Teaching Strategies. Described and analyzed the philosophical and constitutional bases that support educational equity and bilingual education for language minority students; examined, analyzed the socio-cultural characteristics of the school community of the ethno-linguistic student and developed a socio-cultural profile of an ethnically diverse school community; examined and analyzed specific bilingual education programmatic structures and guidelines that are both minimal and desirable in the implementation and evaluation of bilingual programs that address the cognitive, affective and volitional needs of the ethno-linguistic student; and examined and analyzed theoretical principles supporting bilingual education theory and described five major principles that support bilingualism and bi-cognitive development. Organized fieldtrips into school, classrooms, and community organizations. Provided specialized sessions on integrating the VAPA to the core curriculum through technology.


Vice Principal – Horace Mann Middle School. Responsible for the following departments: mathematics, science, physical education, ELA, ASB, security and supervision, and grade 6. Administered observations and evaluations of assigned certificated and classified staff inclusive of special evaluations and specific staff in-services, workshops, and staff development. Provided much programmatic support and safety measures during a bargaining union’s strike while continuing the daily students’ schedules with minimal personnel. Directed all of the campus security, supervision, classroom teachers and instructional aides, site disaster and fire drills, and student-teacher disciplinary measures and follow-through before, during and after school- including in-services on classroom management and assertive discipline.


Adjunct Professor – National University. Offered two courses: B-CLAD622A- Curriculum and Instruction I: ELA, History-Social Science, PE and VAPA. B-CLAD622B- Curriculum and Instruction II: Mathematics and Science. Courses emphasized SDAIE/ELD methodologies/ techniques through ELA, basic approaches to C&I, all state standards and frameworks, classroom management-discipline, evaluation and assessments, lesson plan writing and delivery, thematic units, reflective thinking, review of the California Education system, critical thinking strategies, multiculturalism, multi-media/computer systems, and professional/ethical responsibilities of teachers. Used methodologies ensuring that all students have equal access to the core curriculum, teaching strategies that promote equal learning opportunities in the classroom, including effective approaches to teaching students who are culturally, racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse.


Vice Principal – San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Department responsibilities included monitoring/evaluating the following departments: bilingual education, foreign language and ESL, mathematics, science, health and drivers education, elementary/middle/senior high school programs, physical education, social studies, English, and all of the fine arts departments including music, dance, drama, visual arts, and TV/Video production. Supervised, administered and guided the following activities and areas: ASB and clubs, assemblies’ seating charts/programs/special events, arts council conferences, faculty handbook, parent foundation group advisor/co-founder of Friends of SCPA, intervention council, Latina Advocacy Program, equipment buying/maintenance (including a state-of-the-art JBL rack module component FM PA system), magnet coordinator, discipline, parent involvement, personnel evaluation, site based management team, special projects, 6th grade culmination/9th grade promotion/12th grade graduation ceremonies, social health coordinator, staff development agenda planner-producer, race/human relations in-services facilitator, retrieval systems and adoption committees, Saturday School schedule, room assignments, senior activities, fire/disaster drills, supervision, security and attendance. Directly responsible for school site’s 504 Committee, Life Skills Education Program, Project ENABL, Student Assistance Program, 5/6 sex education, “Secrets”- a play on HIV/AIDS, and HIV/AIDS panels, presentations, and educational material. Personally produced national and international entertainment in our amphitheater (The Barrio Boyz, Bobby Ross Avila, Los Principes…) and several ensembles in conjunction with the San Diego Musicians’ Union Local 325. Provided leadership in establishing and maintaining interdisciplinary instruction between the academics and the fine arts departments through units of instruction, lesson plan ideas and models, and team-teaching.


Assistant Director/Lead Teacher – San Diego County Office of Education’s Migrant Education Program in Fallbrook, Vallecitos, and Rainbow. Summer school sessions for grades pre-K – 8. Responsibilities included curriculum and materials development, weekly in-services to classified staff and workshops for certificated staff. Classified staff was informed on weekly lesson plans, current issues and events important to the community, successful teaching strategies, home-school communication, and follow-through on planning, assessment, and office procedures. Certificated staff received instruction on arts and academic interdisciplinary curricular projects and programs, cultural awareness, home-school communication, parental involvement, and self-esteem building through successful school experiences. The entire program was bilingual and cross-cultural.


Race/Human Relations Facilitator for the San Diego Unified School District. Taught/modeled classroom lessons on multiculturalism, inherent commonalities of all cultures, and name-calling, and in-serviced schools and departmental staffs on effective instruction, social issues, communication, integration knowledge, English language arts and bilingual education. Mediated conflict resolution between opposing groups of students from diverse cultures, staff (classified, certificated, and administrative) and parents. Organized and lead workshops on busing issues and concerns for safety and compliance for the transportation department, parenting for children’s centers, Asian cultures and communication strategies for the education center departments, and presented assemblies at the request of school sites on history and social studies as they correlate to today’s society as seen and felt through non-European eyes through the use of VAPA together with electronic musical applications.


Classroom Teacher. Taught grades 5-6/3-4-5 in bilingual transition settings at Sherman Business and Government Preparatory Magnet Elementary School. I enhanced my classroom activities by implementing the Built Environment Education Program through local architects, the Hispanic Academic Achievement Project, the Eastman Project, the Hilda Taba teaching strategies, and a Hispanic literature pilot program. I was directly responsible for organizing all assemblies.


Classroom Teacher. Taught grades 3-4 and 5-6 combination classrooms in bilingual and transition methodologies programs at 1st & 49th Street Elementary Schools in LAUSD’s Regions C & G respectively. Integrated the fine arts in the key curriculum areas in the classroom and taught the entire school, two periods a week, social studies using the arts and technology as a vehicle to entertain while teaching upper and primary grades in the auditorium through the use of multi-media in celebrating multiculturalism. Established, administered, taught, and directed the school’s music program to approximately 110 students.


Co-Director/Lead Teacher. Migrants Engaged in New Themes in Education. Developed a syllabus and taught college-bound high school youth the following courses: music theory, history, and composition, Mexican, Spanish, flamenco, and Native American dances, and computer science on IBM systems. As co-director/lead teacher I observed, counseled, provided resources, and provided instructional leadership to staff, students, and parents.


VAPA Instructor. Established a music and dance program for 49th Street Elementary School, Region C, at LAUSD and taught, organized and implemented multi-cultural assemblies. Responsible for the total instructional program, including English and Spanish reading methodologies, ESL and SSL.


Co-Director/Lead Teacher. Music, Movement and Media Arts Project and Programs. A UCLA and federally funded community outreach program, sponsored by UCLA and the Santa Monica/ Malibu Unified School District. Shared in the responsibilities for grant writing, funding, curriculum development, public relations, staff selection and development, and program evaluation. A second component of this program provided stage productions utilizing state-of-the-art music and visual technology with professional dancers for educational school assemblies.


  1. Management Skills





Director of Curriculum and Instruction – Memorial Academy. Oversaw the following budgets, programs, and personnel: Academic Skills Class, Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment, Local Educational Agency Plan, overall supervision of curriculum and instruction, instructional council and department chairs (ELA, EL’s, foreign language, mathematics, PE, science, social studies, and VAPA), curriculum budgets, staff development, instructional and personnel evaluation, master calendar and schedule, coordinator and supervisor of technology/technology plan and implementation including personnel, bulletin and newsletter coordinator, grades 6 and 8, including discipline and SPED.


Director of Education/Superintendent at Horizon Christian Schools. Administered a $2,000,000-plus budget addressing the following: staff salaries, textbooks/in-services, retreats and WASC/ACSI accreditation, conventions and expected student learner outcomes, educational programs, assemblies and outreaches, CIF athletics, fieldtrips and transportation, special events including VAPA exhibits/performances, parent and ASB activities. Addressed the new dress codes promulgating a new uniform policy, created self-study review teams to conduct the required assessments for the WASC/ACSI accreditation process and the follow-through to their recommendations, secured a new location for our inner-city educational outreach program, met concerns/issues with the required mandates, raised the district’s student learning expectations through the California state standards/frameworks, institutionalized district-wide workshops/in-services and training programs addressing the needs as evidenced by surveys, questionnaires and meetings, oversaw all district daily operations, office job descriptions, administrative responsibilities, annual goals and objectives, the SARC teacher and parent committees, mid-year and annual evaluations, and everyone’s personal professional developmental program.


Vice Principal – Perkins Elementary School. As manager of the Extended Day Reading Program I created the budget, solicited student participation, extended participation to parents in meetings, ordered the materials, chose the teachers and classrooms, and monitored the general program. I also oversaw the Homework Haven, English Language Advisory Committee, Gifted and Talented Education Program, the Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test, the Analytical Reading Inventory, the Attendance Committee, the Choice Program, the Magnet Program, the VEEP program, the School’s Partnerships Program, the Good Citizenship Incentives, and all supervisory staff. Directed all student activities such as: the annual talent show, the annual fall carnival, the annual winter festival, the good citizenship incentives programs, the attendance committee, and was instrumental in creating their 1st Parent Teacher Association, Parent Patrols, and homeroom mothers. I coordinated all transportation to and from school for incoming/ outgoing magnet, VEEP, and Choice students, including fieldtrips.


Vice Principal – Horace Mann Middle School. Managed, met with and evaluated classroom teachers and support staff. I directed the supervision for the entire campus and was part of a team that managed the Proposition O funds (a city-wide bill that voters passed to improve schools). This experience required that I maintain all school financial records regarding the computer laboratory’s implementation and maintenance, the school buildings’ codes regarding foundation cracks in the slabs, and annual reports for remedying the faulty premises. As one of a team of three administrators, I was responsible for classroom observations, school-wide discipline, outside supervision, emergency site safety and evacuation plans, and annual evaluations of all probationary/tenured classified/certificated and supervisory personnel.


Vice Principal at SD-SCPA. Managed, met on a regular basis and evaluated at least half of our staff of 11 confidential employees, 6 LMC staff, 4 counselors, 3 clerical office support staff, 11 instructional aides, 6 custodians, 2 gardeners, 70 certificated teachers, 21 TA’s, and 8 itinerants. I was directly responsible for: overseeing all ASB and club activities during and after school; chairing all artistic staff and production meetings, and organizing all assembly seating; writing the faculty handbook; SCPA liaison at Friends of SCPA meeting; organizing, implementing and institutionalizing all of the health office’s agendas- 504 Committee, Student Assistance Program, Project ENABLE, HIV/AID’s panels, speakers and presentations, grades 6-7-8 health and sex education programs; intervention council chairperson; journalism co-advisor; founder, director, organizer of the Latina Advocacy Program; supervision of MEChA; magnet coordinator; attended to all parental involvement activities including organization, set-up/tear-down and master of ceremonies for parent’s annual Saturday festival; all Race/Human Relations and Staff Development in-services (planning, producing, preparing personnel and data collecting for all handouts/overheads/materials and multimedia to be used); senior activities and senior recital administrative advisor/supervisor; site based management team’s administrative representative; lead advisor/director of special projects; social health coordinator; transportation administrator; and yearbook overseer. I directed classified and certificated staff, improved instructional performance, participated in the guidance council, developed curriculum, supervised student activities, and actively participated in community relations. I was responsible for the general administration of the school, direction of the instructional program, operation of the school plant, personnel assignments, administration of allocated parts of the budget, participation in staff and student activities, and exercised my duties of leadership in the community. Extended duties included interviewing, selecting and evaluating certificated and classified personnel at the site and district levels, participating in several book adoption committees, and using my active connections by networking with San Diego’s regional theaters, opera and symphonic companies, dance and ballet companies, VAPA groups including Barrio Logan muralists, PBS-TV/radio productions, and Tijuana, Mexico’s cultural events for the San Diego Unified School District. Specific budget responsibilities included the New Teacher Retention Program, a parental involvement grant, and audio/visual purchases for our three theaters and seven studios.


Assistant Director/Lead Teacher at San Diego County Office of Education’s Migrant Education Program. I interviewed and hired personnel, assisted in balancing the budget, managed the office, set the weekly agendas, met with district supervisors and school administrators, assessed work output, developed a new system for instructional and home-visits documentation, purchased supplies and implemented an inventory check-out system.


Director/Lead-Teacher for Tulare County Office of Education’s Migrant Education Program entitled: Migrants Engaged in New Themes in Education (MENTE). Responsible for maintaining teacher morale, discipline and staff communications. Provided counseling, guest speakers, mentors, reviewed syllabi, assessed staff’s effectiveness and relationships with peers, pupils and parents, organized fieldtrips to campus resources and off-site city’s points of interest, planned the graduation ceremonies, and arranged with follow-through on extra-curricular events like dances, sports competitions, tee shirts orderings and sales, and evening entertainment.


Executive Secretary for Family Services of Santa Monica. Participated in and helped write the annual budget. I was directly responsible for maintaining fiscal records, the office budget, and the employees payroll (6 LCW’s, 3 clerical support staff, an evening custodial service person, an executive director, and an executive secretary.


Co-Director/Lead Teacher – Music, Movement and Media Arts Project. Co-wrote the grant proposal, purchased equipment, disbursed the payroll to staff and evaluated the budget for the following year during my tenure. Generated funds above/beyond the work-study that participants were earning. Involved entities included UCLA’s Office of Academic Inter-Institutional Programs under the direction of Dean Francisco Juan Lara, Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District under the direction of the superintendent, and the community’s Barrio Unidos Program. We interviewed, selected, rehearsed, supervised, and assessed teachers’ effectiveness.


  1. Race/Human Relations- Integration




Memorial Academy. Had a total enrollment of 834 as of 092807 of which 90%+ were socio-economically disadvantaged, 87% Latino, 6% Black, 1.2% Asian, and less than 1% White. Implemented bilingual education programs, athletic programs, and extra-curricular activities.


Horizon Christian Schools. Education Program Director for annual International Outreach Ministries’ Festivals of Life in Rosarito/Hermosillo-MX and NYC. Oversaw budgets, activities, VAPA committees, policies, processes and procedures, and met with city and state private/public school, civic officials, and program organizers. Expanded VAPA coursework to include the study of other cultures and languages. Addressed the inconsistencies inherent in certain curriculums’ textbooks through the use of teacher committees and made changes as the budget allowed. Worked closely with international students impacted by the latest federal immigration policy changes. In-serviced staff on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline strategies. Initiated the WASC/ACSI accreditation process including the self-study and accreditation review/approval.


Perkins Elementary School. Race/Human Relations Site Liaison for the Off-Campus Integrated Learning Environment for 6th graders at Camp Palomar, 5th graders at Balboa Park, and 4th graders at Old Town. Assisted with classroom teaching experiences for the school site’s EL’s through daily classroom schedules, team-teaching strategies, units of study, lesson plans and delivery, and classroom texts and materials. Provided many hours of intensive and professional quality educational arts programs: San Diego Opera, San Diego Symphony, Barrio Logan College Institute, Benny Hollman Big Band, San Diego Afro-Cuban Salsa All-Stars, Wild Animal Park, and many other entities throughout the local and greater San Diego area.


Policy Studies 515, Bilingual Teaching Strategies, SDSU. Provided participants with a conceptual understanding of Bilingual Education and Bilingual Teaching Strategies.


Horace Mann Middle School. R/HR-OCILE for Grade 6. The community included 40+ languages and cultures including a newly arrived Somali population. I introduced many local performance ensembles through the San Diego Musician’s Association by procuring matching trust funds, helped establish incoming classrooms, and provided hourly personnel to facilitate, communicate, and assist with certain linguistic and cultural student groups. Met weekly with special positive and negative student learners and provided forums for dialogue.


National University. Taught all of the B-CLAD methods courses as part of their credentialing program


Music, Movement and Media Arts Project/Multicultural Arts Outreach Progam. A series of bilingual/self-contained educational lecture-demonstrations geared for K-14 audiences that emphasized the commonalities of humanity and diversity inherent in all cultures through the use of VAPA and multi-media utilizing our own state-of-the-art keyboards, instruments, and sound reinforcement system, with original and colorful costumes from throughout the Latin world.


San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Responsible for planning, producing, providing leadership for SCPA’s annual six minimum days’ Race/ Human Relations in-services to staff and students, and the six annual SB1872 staff development days. Implemented and instituted monthly multicultural events and activities celebrating diverse cultures. Directly responsible for the “Cinco de Mayo”, “16 de septiembre”, and “Dia de la Raza” festivities. Active participation in Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ceremonies and assemblies. Mediated and facilitated between staff, students, and parents in conflict resolution and cultural awareness.


Migrant Education – San Diego County Office of Education. Weekly in-services to classified staff included awareness-building regarding unique and controversial educational issues dealing with the population being served. Personal visits to families in their migrant camps or ‘homes’ included discussions with parents, families and extended family members relating to race issues in education. Personally developed and produced educational lecture-demonstrations/outreach performances to local schools focused on informing students and staff about race relations, change and education through cultural arts.


Program Quality Review and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. PQR and WASC team member at Perkins Elementary, Gompers Secondary, Horace Mann Middle and SD-SCPA, spending a week at each school for each program while analyzing the educational organization, structure, administrative practices, methodologies and teaching strategies for each interdepartmental area, and focusing on compliance issues and court mandates.


Race/Human Relations Facilitator. Provided training to students, staff and parents in teambuilding, problem solving, conflict resolution, communication skills, cultural awareness, and race relations. Responsible for the needs assessment tool and the site R/HR site plan. Translated an ELA lesson on co-operative learning. Delivered weekend in-services to classified personnel, transportation departments, and evening in-services to parents.


Sherman Business and Government Magnet Preparatory Elementary School. Active participant in staff multicultural programs and schools’ magnet focus. Organized/performed as guest speaker, artist, and master of ceremonies for parent/community activities and assemblies, created a scholarship fund for graduating students, liaison for students and parents as an advocate and supported staff as a representative in the school site council. Formed a band of staff members and presented various costumed and propped dances of Mexico with classroom students.


1st Street Elementary School. Organized parents/staff to produce multi-cultural events, was liaison to the community while serving in the parent advisory committee, and provided leadership on integrating the social studies curriculum to the targeted student population.


Migrants Engaged in New Themes in Education. Housed at UCLA (and USD in 1984). Director/lead-teacher. Oversaw staff and student concerns and provided for activities integrating UCLA resources with mainly under-privileged and under-represented but well-deserving, mainly Latino, youth from migrant families throughout San Diego County. Wrote a musical, “The Desert Rose”, from a work-in –progress trilogy “Mascaras Mexicanas”, a personal inspiration from my experiences with this program.


Music, Movement and Media Arts Project, a program at Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District, Co-Founder, Co-Director, and Lead Teacher. Responsible for allowing access to a fine arts program to under-privileged and handicapped community students. Developed site needs assessments. Responsible for co-writing the grant proposal, interviewing and hiring the staff, and coordinating activities.


  1. Special Populations and Programs



Experiences and Programs


Memorial Academy of Learning and Technology Charter Middle School. Served as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at a needy Title I charter school with high transiency/low-income rates of which the vast majority were Mexican-American EL’s and a high population of SPED. Assisted the community parents, teachers and student body with immigration, education, 2nd language, local politics, and other issues/concerns prevailing in the community.


Horizon School. Served a broad cross –representation of all demographic groups within San Diego County and Tijuana/Rosarito, Mexico- including a high African-American student population at a new inner-city satellite Horizon campus. Initiated the process of addressing special education, home-school/ parent directed education and our foreign students’ needs to better serve the needs of our learning community. Institutionalized Coffee with the DOE, a series of monthly parent meetings communicating, investigating, and implementing change. Met with the schools’ cabinets, administrators and parents to discuss, plan and write the activity proposals for meeting the learning communities’ special educational needs. Augmented and strengthened the district-wide GATE programs through the offerings of more and new AP and honors courses. Coached teachers on SDAIE and immersion language teaching strategies and started a training course on modified block schedules while integrating VAPA with core academic areas.


Perkins Elementary School. Worked directly with a high minority population of linguistically diverse immigrant students in which 90%+ of the student body were on FRLP at this Title I school site with much funding from II/USP and other sources. At one time it was a Center for Enriched Studies Magnet entitling it to more federal monies and grants. We served a population of 10% homeless, 30% on AFCD, and 90% EL’s.


Horace Mann Middle School. Encouraged integration of and facilitated discussions/meetings regarding student performance and discipline at a site with over 40 languages and cultures including Somali, Hmong, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Lao, and Spanish from throughout the globe yet the vast majority of the certificated personnel were from the dominant class. I ensured a safe campus environment. There were absolutely no violent acts or fights during my tenure.


National University. Researched/taught/developed a course covering the basic approaches to curriculum development/selection in history-social science, PE, VAPA, mathematics, science and ELA- including the principles of teaching, with an emphasis on practical applications, reviews of the state educational system, and the state-mandated curriculum.


San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. Developed the campus-wide University Day schedule and program of events, produced lunchtime multicultural activities, provided national/international professional-educational acts for the entire school, was the advisor/co-founder of Friends of SCPA, co-founder/developer of a program targeting Hispanic females- the Latina Advocacy, co-founder/advisor-consultant of a new course entitled World Cultures Through Dance, was the co-founder/advisor-consultant of a new board-approved course offering entitled Flamenco, Spanish, and Mexican Dance and facilitated a new course entitled Modern Dance 3-4. Encouraged, mediated, advised, and facilitated the process for a group of Latino and African-American males on performing Hip-Hop style dancing at school-wide assemblies and created a mural for the school’s ASB lounge.


Migrant Education – SDCOE. My entire involvement with migrant students and families ranged in such diverse matters as home visits to helping parents meet basic needs for survival to producing an entire evening of music, dance, poetry, drama and song involving 300 children grades K-8 with a focus on increasing self-esteem through cultural pride. Besides the lecture-demonstrations, in-services, and workshops, I also met and presented workshops with local school boards to inform them about the needs and potentials within this special population. All of these presentations were developed in a bilingual and cross-cultural format. Within the migrant program’s population I was directly involved in helping coordinate the needs of the special education students, their families and their teachers. I was also directly involved in developing curriculum that successfully integrated the arts with the academics in grades K-8.


Race/Human Relations. Mediated in conflict resolution between student groups from diverse backgrounds, in-serviced staff, students, and parents on communication, social/educational issues, and understanding today’s youth from multi-cultures, provided workshops on weekends to transportation department and parent groups, created and implemented instruments to determine site/departmental needs as well as tools to assess meetings, facilitated individual and group meetings on conflict and tension, translated from English to Spanish district handouts, overheads, lesson plans, and in-service materials, created lesson plans for classroom use on such topics as name-calling, people of color, speakers of other languages/cultures, the media, et al., and serviced the entire district on whatever the needs were and the assessments showed.


Sherman Business and Government Magnet Preparatory Elementary School. Bilingual & transition teacher. Responsible for total teaching program. Provided/taught a dance program with assemblies & provided scholarships for grade 6 graduates.


LAUSD’s 1st Street Elementary School. Taught bilingual and transition classes. Was involved with the Bilingual Classroom Teacher Program. Music Director for an after-school program funded school orchestra and band.


LAUSD’s 49th Street Elementary School. Taught an after-school program named the Bilingual Classroom Teacher Program in which I emphasized basic skills through the fine arts. This after-school extra-curricular program was specifically targeted at English Learners.


Migrants Engaged in New Themes in Education. Coordinated a high school program housed at UCLA. Students were mainly Latinos from Migrant families. I taught using bilingual methodologies focused on historical/contemporary positive Latino role models within the subject


Music, Movement & Media Arts Project. Co-directed a fine arts program at Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District’s Rogers Elementary School for Latino/a, African-American, East Indian, and learning disabled children from the immediate low-income community as well as from the more affluent extended community.


  1. Community Relations





Memorial. Assigned to parent organization (PIAC- Parent Inclusion & Advocacy Committee). Presenter/speaker for various community events: Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA); School Advisory Council (SAC); Instructional Council; board meetings; MEChA; grade level meetings; common prep period in-services; and student organizations such as athletics, fund-raisers, after-school programs and diverse community activities, events and special programs.


Horizon. Meetings with education leader groups throughout San Diego addressing current issues in private school education. Meetings with Mexican educational leaders in Baja California, Mexico throughout our Festivals of Life’s educational outreaches. Meetings with foreign students regarding their new status under the Homeland Security Act. Hosted monthly “Coffee with the Director of Education” for parents addressing district-wide issues. Sixteen-day summer educational outreach in Santiago, Spain following the journey of St. James of Compostela. Institutionalized a two-week/80-hour summer arts camp between two churches addressing VAPA. Hosted Bible studies and volunteered in San Diego’s post-forest fires’ clean-up efforts.


Perkins. Negotiated with diverse Barrio Logan and the greater San Diego’s community groups the problems with the local air quality and chaired meetings with the following groups: Air Pollution Control District, Environmental Health Coalition, Engineering and Capital Projects Department, San Diego Unified Port District, Kelco/Nutra-Sweet, ISP Alginates, and others. I also founded the 1st Perkins PTA charter, was an active board member and school representative to the Barrio Logan College Institute, and was an active participant in the local arts council.


VAPA. I collaborate with producers and directors to create entire scores for film, television, musicals, plays and performance art. I have been commissioned to write several major pieces of music, complete plays and musicals, poetry, and songs for diverse stage and video/film productions. Throughout these partnerships I have maintained my associations with many of San Diego’s fine and performing arts organizations such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, PBS, San Diego Repertory Theater, San Diego Old Globe Theater, Lambs Players Theater, Lamplighters’ Community Theaters, and the San Diego Musicians Association as well as several community organizations. As an active participant in the worlds of dance, music, theater, and the VAPA I have always searched for ways of exploring my networking with school systems through partnerships, scholarships, performances, apprenticeships, school-to-work transitions, work study/credit, reduced and/or free tickets to performances and fieldtrips, and enhancing instruction through an interdisciplinary/team-teaching cluster approach to the arts and education.


Educational Associations. I attended the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference, Latina Advocates Network meetings, Hispanic Female Workshops, Latino Family Conferences, Aspira Al Futuro, Hacia El Futuro, and National Hispanic Month activities for three years in a row as a participant by supplying and running the sound system for dance and music concerts, and providing the lunchtime entertainment to conference attendees.


SD-SCPA. As Vice Principal I hosted various national and international groups of visitors including students and teachers from Canada, Japan, Mexico, Europe, and Australia with a school tour and an intercultural exchange of activities with SCPA clubs, students, staff and parents. I am involved with the inception of Friends of SCPA, a parent-run fund-raising organization. I have also posted various performing artists by organizing, hosting, scheduling, setting-up/tearing-down acts ranging from classical by a focused pianist/composer concerned with environmental issues, to merengue-salsa big bands, rock, and New York hip-hop artists. Establisher/liaison in creating international relationships with Tijuana, Mexico’s public schools and SCPA’s students through two-way fieldtrips, art programs, and cultural exchanges.


MEP – SDCOE. As Assistant Director/Lead Teacher I was instrumental in systemizing a health resource center’s special services to the needs of the migrant population, was also a presenter for the migrant program’s board on the successes, needs, and potential of the migrant students, directed migrant students, grades 1-8, in their portions for the presentations at both meetings, planned, produced, and performed educational lecture-demonstrations-performances for staff, students, and parents at various elementary and junior high schools.


Rueben H. Fleet Space and Science Museum. Liaison and active member of the Education Advisory Board.


Sherman. Active participant in the School Site Council.


LAUSD & SDUSD. Collaborated with parents on the Parent Advisory Board at LAUSD’s 1st Street Elementary School and Sherman Elementary School.


MAP. Co-Director/Lead Teacher/Co-Founder of Music, Movement and Media Arts Project. Organized and chaired parent meetings, planned productions with their students, and implemented program evaluations. I integrated the following community organizations’ resources in institutionalizing this program: Barrios Unidos, Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District, and UCLA’s Office of Inter-Institutional Academic Programs.


LAUSD & SM/MUSD. Directed and performed in community outreach assemblies to Los Angeles Unified School District and Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School District to educate students, staff and parents about cultural diversity.


Special Programs. Presented assemblies to LAUSD and SM/MUSD high schools through a performing arts presentation company entitled Multicultural Arts Outreach Program, utilizing multimedia, synthesizers, and emphasizing the commonalities of all cultures through the arts. UCLA’s Recruitment Community Outreach produced the group and interfaced university and public school administrators and staff to follow-through with commitment to the community. Barrios Unidos (of Parks and Recreation), SM/MUSD, LAUSD, and UCLA’s Office of Interinstitutional Academic Programs were integrated in producing these high quality shows and educational presentations.


Specialized Training:         

                                       Computer Using Educators Conference, Palm Springs, 2009, 2008, 2007.

                                       Apple One-to-One Training, San Diego County, 2008, 2007.

                               Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), Memorial, 2007.

                                       Second Language Acquisition, SDCOE, 2006.

                                       IHE/PS Collaborative In-Service, SUHSD, 2004

                                       Leadership Training Module I, Horizon, Christian Fellowship, 2003.

                                       Association of Christian Schools International, Accreditation, 2002.

                                       Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accreditation, 2002.

                                       Crisis Management, Administrators’ Academy/SDUSD, 1994, 99, 2002.

                                       Administrative In-Services, SDUSD, 2002.                 

                                       Gifted and Talented Education, SDUSD, 2002.

                                       Single Site Plans, SDUSD, 2002

                                       Bi-literacy, SDUSD, 2000, 2001, 2002.

                                       Standardized Testing and Reporting, SDUSD, 1998, 99, 2000, 01, 02.

                                       SABE2, SDUSD, 1996, 97, 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 02.

                                       Leadership Training, SDUSD, 1997 – 2002.

                                       National Association of Music Merchants, Anaheim, CA 1992 – 2002.

                                       Readers’ Workshop, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2002.

                                       Guided Reading, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2001 – 2002.

                                       Independent Reading, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2001 – 2002.

                                       Units of Study, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2001 – 2002.

                                       Shared Reading, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2001 – 2002.

                                       Read-Aloud, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2000 – 2001.        

                                       Word Study, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2000 – 2001.

                                       Genre Studies, Institute for Learning, SDUSD, 2000 – 2001.

                                       Special Education/504, SDUSD, 1999 – 2000.

                                       Teachers Contract Administration Training, SDUSD, 1996 – 1998.

                                       Early Literacy In-service Course, SDUSD, 1997.

                                       Bargaining Units, Legal Department, SDUSD, 1997.

                                       Multicultural Education, SDSU, 1993 – 1996.

                                       Assertive Discipline Training, Simmons, HMMS-SDUSD, 1995.

                                       Principal’s Educational Technology, SDUSD, 1995.

                                       Electronic Music: The New Wave of Technology, SDUSD, 1995.

                                       Educational Technology, SDSU, 1995.

                                       Statistics, Data Management, Interpreting, SDSU, 1994.

                                       Transition/Maintenance Language Programs, SDSU, 1994.

                                       Multiple Assessments, SDSU, 1994.

                                       Leadership Institute, SDSU, 1991.

                                       A World of Difference, R/HR-SDUSD, 1991.

                                       Clinical Supervision Program, SDUSD, 1991.

                                       The Race/Human Relations Process, SDUSD, 1991.

                                       Leadership Academy, SDCOE, 1991.

                                       Mediation, R/HR, 1991.

                                       Learner’s Dimension, K. Butler, 1991.

                                       Site Liaison, R/HR-SDUSD, 1990.

                                       Presenters’ Academy, R/HR, 1990.

                                       National Coalition Building, C. Brown, 1990.

                                       Learning Styles, R/HR-SDUSD, 1990.

                                       Cooperative Learning, R/HR-SDUSD, 1990.

                                       National Issues Forum, UCSD, 1990.

                                       English Language Arts, R/HR-SDUSD, 1990.

                                       Program Quality and Integration Review, SDUSD, 1990.

                                       Hilda Taba Teaching Strategies, SDUSD, 1990.

                                       Hispanic Academic Achievement Project, SDUSD, 1989.

                                       Built Environment Education Program, SDUSD, 1988-1989.

                                       Bilingual Education Strategies, CSULA, 1988.

                                       Eastman Project, LAUSD, 1988.

                                       Bilingual Classroom Teacher Program, LAUSD, 1988.

                                       KALI Academy/Escrima, Danny Inosantos, 1982.


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Magazines & Newspapers:

                                       Keyboard, USA, Music Player (monthly)

                                       The Week, USA, (weekly news summaries)

                                       On Line: San Diego Union-Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Union-Tribune, New York Times