CD: Tex-Mex All-Stars
San Diego, CA, USA

A special blend of accordion-based rock with heavy blues, acid accordion, and burning lead lines providing a scorching bar-brawl style of new songs in the styles of cumbias, polkas, rancheras, country, and more for a night of drinking and dancing with the following musicians: JACK STEPHENS (guitar and vocals), BOBBY SIMMONS (percussion), MIKEY MANGLICMOT (percussion), ROBERT LANUZA (bass), and FREDDY LANUZA (accordion, keyboards, saxes and vocals).

All songs were written and recorded from March 23 through April 6, 2009 by Dr. Fredrick B. Lanuza, Ph.D., ASCAP (Freddy Lanuza), at Lanuza-Morales Music & Dance Studios on a Korg OASYS 88 and MOTU/DP6, Roland Accordion, 2 AT4033 & SM57/58 microphones. 

Music (79:57)

1. Dance This Cumbia** (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 4:04

2. Pancho Sancho** (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 4:58

3. Mi Amor* (Vocals by Jack Stephens & Fred Lanuza) 6:04

4. What the Heck/Que Fregao** (Vocals by Jack Stephens & Fred Lanuza) 4:43

5. TJ2LA** (Vocals by Jack Stephens & Fred Lanuza) 5:57

6. The Ballad of San Diablo** (Vocals by Fred Lanuza) 4:44

7. Farewell** (Vocals By Fred Lanuza) 4:47

8. Las Nubes (Song by Little Joe & La Familia) (Vocals by Fred Lanuza) 4:27

9. Gonna’ Be A Star** (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 3:27

10. Endless Love* (Lyrics by Cynthia D. Morales) (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 5:31

11. Chance On Love* (Lyrics by Cynthia D. Morales) (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 3:59

12. Get Down Hoe Down* (Instrumental: Accordion Solo by Fred Lanuza) 5:26

13. Day of the Dead* (Instrumental: Guitar Solo by Jack Stephens) 5:15

14. El Taconazo (Instrumental: Song by El Piporro) (Accordion by Fred) 4:39

15. Goodbye** (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 7:05

16. Oh My Lord** (Violins: David Morales-Boroff) (Vocals by Jack Stephens) 4:28