CD: New Old School
Latin-Jazz CD
San Diego, CA, USA

A collection of 8 energy-filled dance exploration pieces performed by some of the greatest musicians in Southern California was recorded at Lanuza-Morales Music and Dance Studios from November 16, 2008 to March 11, 2009 on a Korg OASYS 88 system and MOTU/DP6, utilizing two AT4033 and SM57/58 microphones. Lanuza the band includes the following musicians: BOBBY SIMMONS (congas and African percussion), MIKEY MANGLICMOT (timbales and Latin percussion), ROBERT LANUZA (bass), and FREDDY LANUZA (Kawaii 6'9" grand piano, Hammond B-3 organ with a Leslie 122, and Rhodes electric piano). 

MUSIC (78:11)

1. Jam in C7* (7:04)
2. Percussion Jam* (6:24)
3. Santa Cruz* (5:42)
4. Ernie's Piece* (6:56)
5. Tropical Dance (8:22)
6. The Essence of the Guaguanco (9:04)
7. Puerto Rico (7:19)
8. Salsero (27:10)

Freddy Lanuza was the executive producer of this music. He composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and master the music on this CD. * ©FBL'09