CD: Jammin'

A new type of CD, a collection of 8 electronica-dance pieces and 3 straight-ahead Latin-Jazz tunes that are new and captivating, and that will send you on a daydream or a night vision sleeping awake through a journey of improvisation, mysterious melodies, and beats that make you want to move in new directions. Freddy Lanuza composed, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered this CD at Lanuza-Morales Music and Dance Studios. The band includes: BOBBY SIMMONS (percussion), MIKEY MANGLICMOT (percussion), JACK STEPHENS (guitar), ROBERT LANUZA (bass), and FREDDY LANUZA (synthesizers and piano). All music and musical arrangements are by Freddy Lanuza. 

MUSIC (52:51)

1. Y2K (4:53)                     A play on words if translated to Spanish (or English) (Matt Anoche on drums)

2. Flyin’ (7:13)                   Imagine you’re on a high

3. Cruzin’ (6:07)                 Drivin’ down the highway

4. Chillin’ (4:31)                Old-school dance music

5. Orale (4:58)                    Just listen to that bass

6. Ifucan (6:58)                   If you can…

7. Happenin’ (6:40)             Are you down?

8. Workin’ (6:24)                Reminiscing as you work

9. Travelin’ (1:47)               Just take me with you on your journey

10. Danzon’ Africano (5:48)    A bonus track featuring an old-school/laid-back Afro-Cuban style dance form.

11. Profilin’ (5:34)                Another bonus track featuring an old-school/laid-back Bolero style dance.