CD: Conversations
San Diego, CA, USA

An acoustic Latin-jazz CD featuring a new collection of mainly instrumental pieces with a couple of songs featuring Celeste Lanuza on vocals comprised of mambos, guaguanco, cumbias, salsa, samba, bolero and open-ended improvisation with a lot of room for exploring and experiencing the multi-faceted sides and diverstiy of this band's musicians including: MARTIN SALINAS (electric guitar), MATT ANOCHE (drums), MIKEY MANGLICMOT (timbales, congas and Latin-percussion), BOBBY SIMMONS (congas & African percussion), ROBERT LANUZA (bass), CELESTE LANUZA (vocals), and FREDDY LANUZA (Kawaii 6'9" grand piano and H. Couf Eb alto sax). Other musicians included: Frank Sarmiento (bass), Matt Clowmeinzer (acoustic guitar), and Mike Blackburn (tenor sax). 

MUSIC (53:07)

1. Journey (Cynthia’s Opener) 5:29 (A Dorian Mode sets the stage for introducing the improvisation & percussion section)

2. Take Me There (Doris’ Cumbia-Mambo) 5:50 (The Aeolian Mode takes us to where we want to be)

3. Celestial Celebration (Celeste’s Songs) 6:30 (Rock-Samba fast improvisation with a head and a blazing guitar solo)

4. Cumbia de la Gloria (Gloria’s Song) 5:12 (A glorious piece set in the style of old-school cumbia)

5. Ecuador (Costales’ Family’s Song) 4:21 (Ecuador is hot and the center of our planet, and that’s how I feel about this song)

6. Creation (My Father’s Song) 7:55 (Lyrics address the beauty of earth, life, joy and the creation of the universe)

7. Siempre (Tracy’s Song) 4:42 (Lyrics are in Spanish and English, and sing about being faithful to your true love)

8. Conversations With My Father (CD Cover Song) 13:10 (A melodic & inspirational piece in 3 sections: open-fast-slow)

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