CD: Arranca!
San Diego, CA, USA

"ARRANCA" is Spanish-slang for "turn-on, take-off, & tear-it-up" and that's exactly what this CD does. Take a moment to sample America through dance songs featuring a band ready to explode! "Arranca!"...

Name of the Band: LANUZA
Name of Composer/Producer: Freddy Lanuza
Name of the Lead Vocalist/Singer: Celeste Lanuza
Name of the CD: Arranca!

Composer-Producer-Keyboardist FREDDY LANUZA (composer of an Academy Award-nominated film, acclaimed theater productions, musician, arranger for international rock, salsa and jazz bands) has written songs that tell a story of love and abandonment, the power of dance and romance, and the magic of music and song as sung in English and Spanish. The songs include pop, merengue, salsa, funk, Cajun, Zydeko, Latin-rock/jazz, Tex-Mex, Reggae styles and even some songs in the Broadway musical tradition. Imagine a band that gets down and takes off with dynamic rhythms and you'll be transported into a festival of life celebrating a dynamic musical fusion beyond borders. 

Only the top musicians in Southern California for this style of music were used. The musicians in the band have a passion for salsa and jazz but have remained true to their roots in rock. They consists of: FREDDY LANUZA (keyboards, saxes, accordion and vocals), ROBERT LANUZA (bass), MATT ANOCHE (drums), JACK STEPHENS (guitar), MIKEY MANGLICMOT (Latin percussion), BOBBY SIMMONS (African Percussion), CHRIS GABOR (bongos), and CELESTE LANUZA (vocals). Celeste is a young professional dancer-singer/pianist-performer who's been on national and international stages. The band is not signed nor has any pending contracts. They are totally self-contained and available. Contact us if you are interested in our sound. 

The Music (67:08)
1.  Arranca! (4:23)
2.  You and Me (4:47)
3.  The Change (4:03)
4. I Want To Know (3:55)
5. Where Are You? (3:25)
6. Come On In (2:49)
7. Gonna Be A Star (2:59)
8. What The Heck (5:31)
9. Forever Love (3:51)
10. Great To Be Back (4:37)
11. God's Country (3:09)
12. Ya Basta (7:02)
13. People (3:05)
14. Luchi (3:42)
15. J.C. 1 (2:15)
16. J.C. 2 (3:47)
17.  Ace of Gold (3:24)